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1) I met up with [ profile] audreytiphaine, [ profile] akalillyn, [ profile] questofdreams, and [ profile] atanih88 in San Francisco over spring vacation. It had been eight years in coming, and it was amazing how natural it felt to be together in person. We stayed with Audrey's amazing family, explored the city, got fucking matching tattoos, ate ramen, took a roadtrip down to LA, went to Universal Studios, ate a ridiculous amount of food, and I nearly maxed out my SD card with photos.

So, in order at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade - Lyn, me, Questy, Hina, and Audrey.

2) Has everyone signed the new LJ user agreement? I mean, I guess we all have in order to be on the site right now, but I feel vaguely like I sold my soul by not reading the fine print.

3) I’m here for Jude Law as young Dumbledore tbh. Too bad he’ll be acting against Depp rather than Farrell.

(Though I was looking at the cast photo of Fantastic Beasts and for just a split second I had a vision of Redmayne as young Dumbledore and Law as young Grindelwald, and I liked it.)

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