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Heeeere we go, the big daddy.
Following my lil' fic musings post awhile back, I've decided to post it As Is, bar a punctuation revamp and some very minor corrections, aka, removing three out of four 'Cobalt blue's. So a level 2. As per anushca1's and others' suggestion, I'll post it warts and all, and then maybe, in the far future when I run out of projects and I have lots of spare time (shortly after the sproutlet leaves for university, then) I might take it out again and produce The Arrangement 2.0. In that case, though, I'd leave both versions available. Not sure I'd ever go there, I do have other projects I'd like to tackle eventually, but the possibility being out there makes me much happier posting it as is, flaws and all.

The Arrangement (Gundam Wing, HeeroxWufei, NC17 please read warnings etc)
Wufei, struggling with his demons, agrees to a wartime fling with Heero, no affection needed or wanted. But the 'arrangement' lasts and grows as they join the Preventers. It could become a source of strength for both. If they let it.

Big thanks again to Cyphomandra for sending me the handy word doc with everything already in editable format AND all the quotation mark punctuation issues addressed. Saved me SO MUCH TIME and irritation! <3

There's still some fixin' to be done, and man, this is how I measure how much I've changed and improved as a fic writer ^^; But I also see themes and character traits that still appear in my stories to this day pop up. Hah, it's a fun trip down memory lane.
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(- and so, your honor, this does show that my client was non compos mentis at the time of the post - )

Now up on AO3, the first chapter of the rewritten Source of All Things. I'll probably be posting a chapter a week, on weekends unless Real Life whacks me over the head with a pool cue.

The Source of All Things (Gundam Wing, established 3x4, eventual 2x5, even more eventual 1x2x5 kinda)
Chapter 1: The Naked Man on the Rock
Center, a planet where magic and technology blend. Or more accurately, fight tooth and nail. A planet of Sources, holes in our boring dimension letting through arcane power, chaos and pseudo-deities. In this hot-house of myths and very real dangers, Trowa and Quatre find a mysterious man at the end of a shamanic voyage. Portents suggest this Heero Yuy is crucial to Center’s survival. He’s important enough to have some interesting enemies after him, at any rate: a devious killer and thief called ‘Shinigami’, and a very irate Dragon. Beyond them looms an even greater threat. Indeed, the greatest of them all.

(Alternative Universe, far-flung future sci-fi/fantasy. There are elements from the anime that exist here, albeit in very different forms; Gundam mechas, Zero, and lovely G-boys for instance. They are perhaps a universal constant we are not yet aware of.
This fic was original started over a decade ago. It has been heavily rewritten and should now be eventually finished)

I've gotten this 95% written, I'd say. All chapters hammered out, half written for the final half dozen, many still need reworking but are mostly ready to go.

I initially stalled on this because I'd run out of ideas for filling out the last dozen chapters, to let ideas and relationships breathe, mature, to let the story develop naturally.

As a mature and experienced fanfic writer, I picked this up again now and addressed the problem by saying 'fuck that'. This story is going to be somewhat uneven as a result. Some chapters in the first half are going to feel slower and redundant, and then it's likely to end with a squeal of brakes and the stench of burnt tires. But at least this time it will end :D I want people to see what I have planned for Heero, because as my lawyer will remind the judge eventually, I am pretty deranged.
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Still busy archivin' away.

Spring Fever (Naturo, KakaIru)
Spring is an insidious season that a good Shinobi should avoid at all cost. If he can't do that, he can at least avoid falling for someone way too nice and out of his class altogether.

Ring Around (One Piece, Gen)
Nami's nakama were certifiable. Loony-bin material, every last one of them.

Monsters (Gundam Wing, AU,1x2,3x4)
AU gently parodying the supernatural fic genre, and that's all I can really say about it.

Trick or Treat Exchange letter

Sep. 10th, 2017 08:16 am
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Thank you for writing for me! :) I will admit that I'm generally a fluff aficionado and kind of a wuss when it comes to gore and sad/tragic endings, but I've offered a number of "trick" prompts for things I think I'd enjoy. Hopefully my prompts will give you a good feel for the kind of thing I like.

In every one of these fandoms, I love every requested character and would be very happy with any of them that you wish to write. I don't have a unique prompt for every possible character or pairing, but feel free to mix'n'match however you want. Most of my prompts can be used for any individual character or group of characters in that fandom.

Fandoms: Agent Carter, MCU, Stranger Things

Likes/dislikes and general prompts/suggestions )

Fandom-specific requests and prompts )
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Recent AO3 post:

Bring Your Own (Gen)
Total Peace has been declared, the Gundams were destroyed, swords have been beaten into plowshares, the whole nine yards.
Yet someone out there, in space, has managed to rebuild several of the original Gundams.
Who is this mysterious enemy? Are they trying to bring humanity to the brink of destruction again? Is this some kind of sick game? The one-time pilots of the original Gundams are going to find out.
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New post on AO3

Taste Challenge (Sanji + Zoro)

Sanji didn't wonder why he gave himself the challenge. It didn't matter why. ‘Why’ was probably covered by one-upping the bloody swordsman, and maybe there were other reasons - stranger reasons - but that was the only one that really counted, right? It was decided. He was going to get Zoro to appreciate - no, love Sanji's food. If Sanji couldn't do it, then he wasn't a true sea-cook after all.
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